If you want an ordinary legal firm to act on your behalf Norris Echetebu Law is not who you would choose. If you want an extraordinary company, who act with upmost integrity, commitment and love then look no further than Zach Norris and Ada Echetebu.

We have had a very complex, detailed case that we openly say we believe there are few lawyers in the world that could have got us as close to our dream as Zach and Ada have been able to. They work with immense intelligence, understanding, determination and a genuine consideration for their client. Their expertise of New Zealand and US legal systems is invaluable.

There are enough ordinary people in this world, the extraordinary are harder to find. We feel blessed and are eternally grateful.

Dan & Alana Keith

Late last year we were introduced to Zachary at Norris Echetebu Law as we needed advice in regard to establishing a US subsidiary entity to our New Zealand company of NZ Winery Direct Ltd. The advice we received covered a couple of options with our choosing to establish a US LLC corporation which Zachary facilitated. The facilitation was timely and cost effective and a whole lot more convenient than if we had worked through a US based law firm.

Graham Painter QSM

Other than the obvious reasons like presentation, knowledge, communication, experience, etc, which are excellent, I had 2 particular reasons why we chose Norris Echetebu Law to help us.

One was the NZ/USA mix they can offer, they have a thorough understanding of the NZ mentality by living here most of the time, but they also know how things work in the USA. New Zealanders and Americans think differently and Norris Echetebu Law is a good bridge between them.

In my experience there are many consultants (lawyers, tax advisors, auditors, etc) that are ‘wishy washy’. They present options but no real recommendation. Basically afraid to stick their neck out in case it backfires. What I appreciate about Norris Echetebu Law is that they have a clear recommendation on what you would do / advise. That is exactly what I am looking for in a good consultant.

Marcel V.

I have and expect to continue to enjoy working with you and the team. Having a firm that can connect two jurisdictions is very important to us.

The advice and service we got from you and team have proved to be clear and qualified and for me you have been easy to deal with.

Richard J.

Working with NEL has been a refreshing change of pace for me. With nearly 20 years in technology sales and service, it is a rare treat for me to have a legal partner show up to a contract review / negotiation with business savvy, legal acumen and subject matter expertise in my domain. Also, NEL has been flexible, responsive and easy to work with.

Scott F.

I think Zach is a very knowledgeable and competent lawyer. He is also friendly, approachable and quick to respond whenever his advice is requested. It was great to meet Ada, his colleague, at your office, who is also lovely, friendly and warm.

For our company you provided advice on business regulations in the USA, you prepared a lengthy Operating Agreement and you provided advice on immigration, for the application of an L1 visa. During the time our agreement was being written, many changes were required by my business partners and by myself, and again you were always friendly, approachable, prompt to reply and to advice on the implications of the required changes.

Overall, I am happy to have found your law firm to look after us and I am very happy to recommend your services to other businesses and people in New Zealand.

Katia M.

We were really happy with the work you did.
It was great having someone in NZ that knew the US system so well to help us through the process.

Bruce J.

You were professional
You were fun
You were caring
I’d HIGHLY recommend you.
You solved our problem with great ease and care

Liz B.