Firm History

Norris Echetebu Law’s New Zealand office was co-founded by the named US law partners, Zachary D. Norris and Ada Echetebu in November 2012 as the first and only full-service American law firm in New Zealand. Initially named “Norris Legal Consulting,” the firm was re-branded as Norris Echetebu Law in November 2015.

Our American attorneys know the diverse United States’ markets, business cultures, and legal systems. While there are many similarities between the US, New Zealand, and Australia, there are also complex differences which must be addressed for our international clients to thrive in the US. We help our clients turn these similarities and differences into winning legal strategies for their US enterprises.

At Norris Echetebu Law, we provide our clients with effective, diligent, and strategic US legal advice and representation. Most importantly, we truly care about each one of our clients, whether large or small. The success of any of our clients is also our success, and we take this to heart in all our work on our clients’ behalves.