Business & Commercial Law

If you are doing business in the United States, you need smart and effective legal guidance to help you navigate the complicated US legal system. We provide strategic legal services and planning through the life of your business, from initial organization to acquisition or dissolution.

We focus on developing effective legal protections and structures to mitigate risks and reduce your exposure to liabilities. The American lawyers at Norris Echetebu Law provide expert US legal advice to small and medium enterprises, and large businesses.

Our lawyers provide the following US business and commercial legal services:

  • Business Organization and Structuring.
  • Organizational Governing Documents, Shareholder Agreements, Partnership and Joint Venture Agreements, and Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements.
  • Corporate documents, board resolutions, annual and special meetings of the board of directors and the shareholders, and any other action necessary to protect the company and maintain the corporation’s liability shield.
  • Employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, and employee policies compliant to the particular US state in which your business will employ workers.
  • Confidentiality, Non-Compete, and Trade Secret Agreements and IP Protection Strategies.
  • Distribution Agreements, Sales Agency Agreements, Manufacturing Agreements, and Reseller Agreements.
  • Inter-company Distribution or Agency Agreements for Transfer Pricing.
  • Software Licensing Agreements, Website Terms and Conditions, and E-Commerce.
  • Commercial Transactions, Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property.