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The consult fee is $700.00 NZD (plus $105 G.S.T)
Payments are subject to 2.9% Stripe charge
*This charge is subject to change according to Stripe processing fees

    By clicking here, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the Legal Engagement below and our
    Terms and Conditions of Legal Engagement


    By booking an Initial US Legal Consultation via this website, you agree that you are entering a legal and binding LIMITED attorney-client engagement with Norris Echetebu Law so that we can provide you with said Initial US Legal Consultation. An Initial US Legal Consultation is a meeting with one or more of the attorneys at Norris Echetebu Law wherein you will be provided with up to ONE (1) hour of verbal legal analysis, verbal legal planning, and/or verbal legal advice concerning your selected Initial US legal consultation option (s) (Initial US Commercial and Business Law Consultation, or; Initial US Immigration Consultation, or; Initial US Litigation Consultation; or Initial US Copyrights, and/or Entertainment Law Consultation). Your Initial US Legal Consultation booked via this website may be just one of the available Initial US Legal Consultation options, or a combination of the available options (for example, you may choose to combine a US Business Law and US Immigration Consultation into one consultation, however, said combination will be limited to the agreed-upon ONE (1) HOUR time limitation. Should you wish for more time, you may book two (2) separate US Initial Legal Consultations via this website or by contacting the law firm directly via phone or email, or request to be billed at our regular hourly rate during the Initial US Legal Consultation. The consulting attorney reserves the right to agree to extend the time of the consultation at the hourly rate, and if the attorney agrees, you will be required to sign an agreement documenting that you have agreed to additional time and billing.

    An Initial US Legal Consultation booked with our firm does not include document drafting, incorporation, litigation, and/or visa processing. Further, an Initial US Legal Consultation does not mean the attorneys of Norris Echetebu Law represent you. If we determine that your circumstances require engaging a lawyer further after the Initial US Legal Consultation, we may offer to provide these legal services to you or represent you in your case through an additional and separate legal engagement which will need to be entered between you and Norris Echetebu Law. If you accept our offer for a further engagement within SIXTY (60) days of the Initial US Legal Consultation, one third (1/3) of the Initial US Legal Consultation fee shall be applied toward your first invoice. This paragraph, along with our Terms and Conditions of Legal Engagement incorporated herein and incorporated in the highlighted link in the booking form below, contains the entire engagement agreement between Norris Echetebu Law and you regarding any Initial US Legal Consultation booked using this website.