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Apr 17

Free Tech Webinars for Kiwi-Startups and Businesses

American Attorney Zachary D Norris of Norris Echetebu Law presented the first of Meteoroid and Wharf42 Program free tech webinars for Kiwi start-ups ‘Understanding US Company Structures & Legal Contracts’. In the first of the Wharf42′s and Meteoroid’s free tech webinars below, Mr Norris talks about the different company structures available to New Zealand tech …

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Apr 01

Kiwi Firms Transacting with US Firms Should Understand UCC Liens

THE UCC LIEN For those businesses unfamiliar with US commercial law it is important to understand how integral the Uniform Commercial Code (the “UCC”) and UCC Liens are to this particular field of law. The UCC is a collection of model codes which was originally drafted by the American Law Institute and was adopted by …

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Feb 19

US Port Labor Strike: Does Force Majeure Apply for Kiwi Exporters?

THE US PORT LABOR STRIKE: FORCE MAJEURE? Many New Zealand exporters to the United States have felt the impact of the ongoing labor strike between the US Longshore and Warehouse Union (“ILWU”) and the Pacific Maritime Association (the association which represents US West Coast cargo carriers, terminal operators and stevedores). The dispute’s central issue concerns …

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Nov 17

The Legal Risk of DIY

THE LEGAL RISK OF DIY New Zealand is a proud Do-It-Yourself (“DIY”) nation whose people demonstrate what we Americans admiringly call “rugged individualism”. This national character trait likely takes its roots from the construction of a society so far away from the rest of the world thereby creating a unique mixture of self-reliance and communal …

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Aug 24

Retail Price Protection When Entering The US’ Commercial Markets

MINIMUM RETAIL PRICE PROTECTION WHEN ENTERING THE US’ COMMERCIAL MARKETS Norris Echetebu Law – American Law Specialists   It’s always a good idea to create and maintain a unified pricing strategy when taking your goods to market in the United States. However, protecting your retail price is more difficult than one might imagine. Unless you …

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May 17

Arbitration: Is It Really All It’s Cracked Out To Be?

Norris Echetebu Law – American Law Specialists Arbitration: Is It Really All It’s Cracked Out To Be? Most international commercial agreements contain clauses which provide for final and binding arbitration to settle any disputes between the parties. Many lawyers are inclined to tell their clients that arbitration is the best way to settle commercial disputes, …

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Apr 04

NEL Contributes US-NZ Legal Issues Column in Monthly AmCham NZ Newsletter

Norris Echetebu Law is honored to be a new contributor to the monthly American Chamber of Commerce New Zealand Newsletter. Our new column which is entitled “Legal Issues” will feature topics of interest to New Zealand- US business and legal matters. The first column which was published on March 24, 2014 is the first in …

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Jan 23

Don’t be fooled: You Need Legal Advice when Choosing your State of Incorporation

Have you been told that your US branch HAS to be incorporated in Delaware to take advantage of the management friendly laws, or that you NEED to incorporate in Nevada or Wyoming to escape state income taxes? Do you need to choose your State of Incorporation? Have you run across services boasting of the advantages …

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May 09

NEL Partners Both Graduate with Master of Laws (LL.M) Honors Distinction.

On May 8, 2013, LL.M.(Hons) degrees were conferred upon Norris Echetebu Law partners, Ada Echetebu and Zachary D. Norris by the University of Auckland Law School. Ada received her LL.M. in International Corporate and Commercial Law and Mr. Norris received his in International Dispute Resolution.

May 08

US Attorney General Eric Holder Addresses the Faculty of Law at University of Auckland

US Attorney General Eric Holder Addresses the Faculty of Law at University of Auckland The United States Attorney General Eric Holder was in Auckland on May 7, 2013 to meet with the attorney generals of the Quintet (NZ, Australia, UK, USA and Canada) to discuss international cooperation on fighting cyber crime, human trafficking, corruption, child …

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Apr 25

Frequently Asked ‘US Legal’ Questions

Our Answers to your legal questions. Have Questions? We are happy to provide you with Answers. We have compiled a list of our answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for you below:* 1. Why should use Norris Echetebu Law’s American legal expertise instead of a New Zealand-based Law firm for our US-related legal matters? Answer: …

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Mar 28

NEL’s Lunch with US Ambassador David Huebner

On March 28, 2013, Norris Echetebu Law’s partners, Ada Echetebu and Zachary D Norris had the extreme privilege of attending a private lunch with US Ambassador to New Zealand, His Excellency David Huebner at the private residence of US Consul General in Auckland. The lunch was a meeting of the top echelon of US business …

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Feb 02

Big Problems in the State Courts of US Metro Areas

Perhaps no one wants to say it, or admit it, but there seems to be a crises in some state courts in the US. As part of our business in New Zealand, we regularly return to the United States to go to trial for my clients in both the US and NZ. However, it is …

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Jul 23

Norris Echetebu Law on the Air in New Zealand

New Zealand and US perspectives on American Gun Culture. Norris Echetebu Law on the Air in New Zealand about American Gun Culture: One of the things that we love to do here in New Zealand is to provide a US legal perspective to the media and other special interest groups.  We were invited to discuss …

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May 30

Experts in American Law: Lawfuel Announces Norris Legal’s Arrival on the Kiwi Legal Scene

Experts in American Law: Thank you to Lawfuel for the nice welcome! Check out their article on our firm: “The first US law firm to set up business in New Zealand has been established in Auckland. Norris Echetebu Law, based in Houston and experts in American Law, has established offices in Queen Street as …

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