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US Interests in New Zealand

When I first came to New Zealand a year ago, I was astounded by the natural beauty and the warmth of the people. But this did not come as a surprise to me. What I was surprised by was the very savvy business culture which pervades New Zealand. It makes sense that an island nation founded through maritime trade would be adept at international trade in the 21st century. New Zealand has inserted itself as a vital part of the emerging global supply chain in the Trans-Pacific region.

Another thing I found surprising was the lack of American enterprise and US interests in New Zealand, and vice versa. There are ample opportunities for trade and investment between our two countries. New Zealand produces many wonderful products which would do well on the American market. The American lawyers at Norris Echetebu Law can assist American’s establishing business opportunities in New Zealand by providing you with a legal framework that protects your investments and gives you an organizational architecture going forward.

Also, New Zealand has enormous untapped natural resources, particularly oil and gas. Further, while New Zealand is known as a very green country, its regulatory system is relatively relaxed. This does not mean that there is no environmental protection. There is in the form of ad hoc council and regional oversight, but the oversight is limited in such a way to promote efficient business processes. American companies wishing to invest in New Zealand’s energy sector are able to benefit from this relaxed structure by using self policing techniques and best practices to keep the environment here pristine.

The lawyers at Norris Echetebu Law have an in depth knowledge of environmental protection issues connected with the oil and gas industry. Whether you are a Kiwi looking for representation in negotiations with energy companies exploring in or near your land, or you are an international energy business needing legal consultation on issues faced here, the American attorneys at Norris Echetebu Law can help you. We also have a network of New Zealand and Australian attorneys that can meet your local oil and gas law needs. The future for New Zealand oil and gas is bright, and we look forward to participating in it.