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Time Zone Dilemma (New Zealand Exports)

New Zealand Exports and the Time Zone Dilemma for exporting to America

New Zealand exports: The future of New Zealand’s economy lays in exports, as the domestic population growth is too slow to raise domestic production significantly. That means that New Zealand businesses need to be ready to enter the global market place. New Zealand exporters have many advantages over their competitors around the world. NZ exporters benefit from the overall “100% Pure” brand image of New Zealand. They benefit from a smart domestic population and honest business culture. They benefit from the quality of goods that are produced in New Zealand. They benefit from the top notch free trade agreements New Zealand has negotiated.

However, as New Zealand exports start expanding into the North American and European markets, a significant conflict comes up, namely, the difference in time. One thing that I love about New Zealand is that everyone here values their time away from work. Coming from the US Legal world, it is refreshing to see a business culture that does not attempt to burn itself out by churning out ungodly hours. Nevertheless, the reality is that as NZ business reaches further away from NZ shores, it will require more hours in the office to be successful.

Exporting in the US market often requires being available to take calls during US business hours. This may require having staff available for 3 a.m. phone calls with a distributor in New York City, or outsourcing customer service calls to an offshore location.

When it comes to your US legal needs, Norris Echetebu Law remains undeterred by the Time Zone Dilemma. Our attorneys are here for the 3 a.m. phone calls and strive to place your overseas business legal needs on equal footing with your overseas competitors. With our team of American Lawyers on the ground in New Zealand, and our associated US legal team throughout the United States, we will work tirelessly to meet your international legal needs, no matter what the time.