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American Law and Incorporation in the United States by a foreign investor.

Incorporation in the United States: New Zealand clients wishing to incorporate in the United States should definitely sit down with a US lawyer and a US tax adviser to discuss the options involved.

Many clients simply wish to have a business presence in the US where they plan on doing business. For the majority of the Norris Echetebu Law and Norris Law Firm’s New Zealand clientele, that is generally in California. Yet, as many American lawyers would advise, incorporation in California may not be the best option for small New Zealand businesses. Both foreign corporations doing business in California and domestic California corporations are subject to both California state franchise tax and California corporate income tax, in addition to any federal taxes that might be due. This tax applies to all income which is considered as generated by sources within California.

Because New Zealand residents don’t live in California, there are different states in which you can incorporate your small business to take advantage of certain tax and reporting advantages but still be able to conduct the American business you need to conduct. Call the US lawyers and American attorneys at Norris Echetebu Law. We can assist you with your US incorporation needs.