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The Family Medical Leave Act and US Employment Law

About US Employment Law: The Family Medical Leave Act is a federal US law which applies to businesses with 50 or more employees. It provides an employee with 12 weeks unpaid leave who has a serious medical condition or a close family member with a serious medical condition. The employer is entitled to maintain any employee benefits and is required to hold open the employee’s position while the employee is out on leave during this time period under most circumstances

New Zealand businesses wishing to start operations in the United States of America need to understand that the Family Medical Leave Act is one of a myriad of federal employment laws which will apply to their operations in the US. Additionally, each state has a separate regime of state employment laws which will also apply to your business, and usually regardless of how many employees you may have.

This is an example of the complicated nature of employment law within the US. There are literally thousands of different regulations and laws throughout the 50 states which interplay with the federal laws in different ways. Running abreast of any of these laws could be an expensive mistake and embroil your business in undesirable litigation and governmental investigation for weeks.

How do you avoid a messy employment law situation for your new business in the US? Norris Echetebu Law can provide your business with a full employment law assessment which will inform you of the applicable employment laws for your business and provide you with procedures on how to make sure you are in full compliance.