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Experts in American Law: Lawfuel Announces Norris Legal’s Arrival on the Kiwi Legal Scene

Experts in American Law: Thank you to Lawfuel for the nice welcome! Check out their article on our firm:

“The first US law firm to set up business in New Zealand has been established in Auckland. Norris Echetebu Law, based in Houston and experts in American Law, has established offices in Queen Street as the first dedicated US law firm providing what it’s principal, Zachary Norris, says is a “full range of American legal services.” The firm intends providing New Zealand businesses and individuals with “top quality American legal services on a local basis and at local prices. He says the firm offers clients access to a large network of specialized lawyers throughout the United States who can “represent the client’s interests on the ground.” Mr Norris said he wanted to expand the firm into the Pacific region due to the proliferation of bilateral free trade agreements between the US and other Pacific countries. Mr Norris also sees increased US commercial interest in the area as a result of the Trans Pacific Partnership which is currently being negotiated in Dallas. He started looked for an office in New Zealand in mid 2011 and launched the firm at the end of last year, together with Ada Echetebu, who like Mr Norris is licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas and licensed to practice in Texas and the federal district courts of the US.” (Article Source)