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Free Tech Webinars for Kiwi-Startups and Businesses

American Attorney Zachary D Norris of Norris Echetebu Law presented the first of Meteoroid and Wharf42 Program free tech webinars for Kiwi start-ups ‘Understanding US Company Structures & Legal Contracts’.

In the first of the Wharf42′s and Meteoroid’s free tech webinars below, Mr Norris talks about the different company structures available to New Zealand tech businesses looking to establish a formal presence in the US. He also talks about the imperative that professional legal advise is taken from qualified US legal attorneys when entering any legal contract in the US.

Getting your company structure right is critical. Ditto: Legal contracts. Fail here and the consequences can be grave.

Norris Echetebu Law are a specialist law firm of qualified US attorneys based in Auckland, New Zealand. Wharf42 and the Meteoroid Program are grateful to Mr Norris and the Norris Echetebu Law for the time they took preparing the webinar below: