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Mar 12

The Family Medical Leave Act and US Employment Law

About US Employment Law: The Family Medical Leave Act is a federal US law which applies to businesses with 50 or more employees.  It provides an employee with 12 weeks unpaid leave who has a serious medical condition or a close family member with a serious medical condition.  The employer is entitled to maintain any …

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Feb 26

Time Zone Dilemma (New Zealand Exports)

New Zealand Exports and the Time Zone Dilemma for exporting to America New Zealand exports: The future of New Zealand’s economy lays in exports, as the domestic population growth is too slow to raise domestic production significantly. That means that New Zealand businesses need to be ready to enter the global market place.  New Zealand …

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Feb 02

Big Problems in the State Courts of US Metro Areas

Perhaps no one wants to say it, or admit it, but there seems to be a crises in some state courts in the US. As part of our business in New Zealand, we regularly return to the United States to go to trial for my clients in both the US and NZ. However, it is …

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Dec 14

TPP Auckland Round Wrap Up – A Counterpoint to Campbell & Co

With the Auckland round of the TPP negotiations wrapping up this week, many Kiwi nay-sayers in the press have declared it an overall loss for New Zealand (See Gordon Campbell and Jane Kelsey). Yet my talks with almost every New Zealand business dealing in any way with the United States believe the exact opposite. Also, …

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Dec 03

TPPA: In Defence of Investor-State Disputes

TPPA As the next round of TPPA negotiations has come to Auckland, there has been increased chatter regarding the idea that the investor-state dispute mechanism in the proposed investment chapter should be scrapped. The investor-state dispute arbitration system, which has been around since the mid 20th century, has undergone recent scrutiny because of its perceived …

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Nov 15

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement with New Zealand

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement with New Zealand The United States, and therefore American Law, is entering into an exciting new era of economic participation in the Trans-Pacific arena (the market spanning the Pacific between North America, the West Coast of South America, the Asian Pacific, Australia and New Zealand). In the past American participation …

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Nov 15

US Interests in New Zealand

When I first came to New Zealand a year ago, I was astounded by the natural beauty and the warmth of the people. But this did not come as a surprise to me. What I was surprised by was the very savvy business culture which pervades New Zealand. It makes sense that an island nation …

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Nov 07

Why the American Election 2012 Matters in NZ

Why the American Election 2012 Matters in NZ American Election 2012: A contradictory sense of pride and trepidation enshrouds me every 4 years on the first Tuesday in November when the United States elects its president. Pride in that the soaring rhetoric of the candidates’ campaigns prompts a belief that the legacy of the United …

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Oct 23

NLC Congratulates Zachary D. Norris (Master of Laws)

Master of Laws: Norris Legal Consulting congratulates its Principal, Zachary D. Norris on the completion of his Master of Laws (LL.M.) requirements. On 10 October 2012, Mr. Norris, Master of Laws, submitted his L.L.M. Research Portfolio at the University of Auckland Postgraduate Faculty of Law. Mr. Norris’ portfolio, supervised by Professor Peter Watts, consists of …

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Oct 16

Bringing Tinseltown, USA to New Zealand and Hollywood Entertainment Law

Hollywood Entertainment Law With the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key’s recent push to attract American television and movie production to New Zealand by offering a 15% tax rebate, we can expect to see an increase in the amount of entertainment employment available. New Zealand actors and film industry workers have experienced working with the …

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Sep 30

American Law and Incorporation in the United States by a foreign investor.

Incorporation in the United States: New Zealand clients wishing to incorporate in the United States should definitely sit down with a US lawyer and a US tax adviser to discuss the options involved. Many clients simply wish to have a business presence in the US where they plan on doing business. For the majority of the Norris …

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Sep 25

NEL Congratulates Ada Echetebu (Master of Laws)

Norris Echetebu Law congratulates its Senior US Legal Adviser Ada Echetebu on the completion of her Master of Laws requirements. On 25 September, Ms. Echetebu submitted her LL.M. Research Portfolio at the University of Auckland Postgraduate Faculty of Law. Ms. Echetebu’s portfolio, supervised by Professor Peter Watts and Amokura Kawharu, consists of three papers: The …

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Sep 18

Kiwi Business, Litigation and American Law

New Zealand business and American Law As the co-founder of Norris Echetebu Law, the first dedicated American law firm in New Zealand, I am very interested in finding out what kind of American legal advice is most needed by Kiwis. While we offer a full range of business advice, a large amount of our Kiwi …

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Jul 23

Norris Echetebu Law on the Air in New Zealand

New Zealand and US perspectives on American Gun Culture. Norris Echetebu Law on the Air in New Zealand about American Gun Culture: One of the things that we love to do here in New Zealand is to provide a US legal perspective to the media and other special interest groups.  We were invited to discuss …

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May 30

Experts in American Law: Lawfuel Announces Norris Legal’s Arrival on the Kiwi Legal Scene

Experts in American Law: Thank you to Lawfuel for the nice welcome! Check out their article on our firm: http://www.lawfuel.co.nz/news/283/first-dedicated-us-law-firm-set-up-kiwi-base “The first US law firm to set up business in New Zealand has been established in Auckland. Norris Echetebu Law, based in Houston and experts in American Law, has established offices in Queen Street as …

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