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Norris Echetebu Law’s team of lawyers have extensive US Expertise and knowledge of American Law, jurisprudence, international law, US politics/foreign policy and US and international current events.

We are available for expert legal analysis, opinion and commentary for media organizations, press, radio, television, blogs, printed media, broadcasts and magazines as Political Specialists and Legal Media Analysts.

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Tel.: +1 (713) 893-7835
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Need someone to contact you?  Please message us with the best number to reach you and someone will respond to you within 24 hours.

We have released well-received publications about the following, and other, relevant topics:

The Family Medical Leave Act and US Employment Law.

TPP Auckland Round Wrap Up – A Counterpoint to Campbell & Co.

American law and incorporation in the United States by a foreign investor.

Kiwi Business and American Litigation.

You can also read more of our most recent publications here.

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