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American Lawyers Based in Auckland, New Zealand

Norris Echetebu Law is the premier provider of US legal expertise on American Law on a wide range of US legal matters for clients in New Zealand, the United States, Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.a.

As the first and only full-service New Zealand-based US law and US business strategy firm, we thrive on excellence and are committed to providing the highest standard of care and US legal advice to all our clients.

With highly experienced US attorneys on the ground in Auckland, and an extensive network of highly specialized US attorneys located throughout the United States, we provide cost-effective and time-efficient service to suit your needs.

Whether you have individual needs, are a law firm or company, or simply seek analysis and opinions of emerging trends in US laws, we can help.



For immediate assistance please call us or email us at:

New Zealand:
Tel.: +64 (0) 9 889-2602
Fax: +64 (0) 9 353-1735

In the United States:
Tel.: +1 (713) 893-7835
Fax: +1 (713) 493-7229



Proud Members of the Auckland District Law Society

Proudly Admitted to the State Bar of Texas

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